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The experts we have acquainted in our premise sincerely understands the ambitions of our company and work in a dedicated manner so that they can contribute to our growth. They know that they are one of the pillars on which the success of our company stands. Each of the expert in the respective department is recruited on the basis of their qualifications and industrial expertise so that we can assure that the units are integrated with the right talent. This recruitment leads to dependency upon functioning of each wing along with cooperation and coordination.

Factory Overview

The factory of our company is spanned over 40 acres, where 20000 square meter is covered with our building. In this work of art infrastructure we have appointed more than 300 dexterous employees, whose activities are managed by 30 managers and technicians. This premise is well equipped with more than 200 different units, which includes automatic Tube drawing machines, tube cutting, bending and many more. We have also maintained a plating factory- Jiangmen ChangHan Plating Co.,Ltd, which is particularly engaged in manufacturing chrome and nickel plating. And now our company has specialized 3 automatic plating production lines, which are situated in YaMen environmental plating base of JiangMen XinHui. Below are some of the tasks which are undertaken in our factory so as to procure, process and serve our Stainless Steel Furniture, Chair Accessories, Laundry Cart, Cleaning Trolley, Garbage Can, etc:
  • Tube seam
  • Raw material cutting
  • Tube cutting
  • Bending
  • Punching
  • Welding
  • Polishing
  • Packing
  • Finished product warehouse
  • Container loading

Our principle to pursue excellence and continuously deliver innovative products has led us to earn a large customer base from Europe, America, China and South East Asia.. Further with the efforts of our dexterous staff, we are able to achieve annual turnover of 30 million USD.


The main responsibility of our company is to focus on deliver unmatched quality of products, and the employees understand this value of our company owing to which they keep a touch with the customers at the time of production process. Thus, the aforesaid helps us in winning a better future with the respective customers.

Our Certificates

The company has been certified from several entities and authorities, and depiction of these certificates has led us to earn trust of each customer from every market we stepped in. Below are the certifications we are proud to announce:-
  • SGS Certified    
  • NGV -Authentication of Quality System Management
  • CE Accredited