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Waiting Chair
Waiting Chair manufactured by Jiangmen Shengshi Furniture Co., Ltd is widely in demand due to its elite design and professional look. The chair is made up of aluminum and stainless steel. The product has arms, bracket and legs made up of reliable and tough metals. It has silver coating and shiny appearance,. The product can accommodate three to four people on it. The dimensions and size of the product can vary as per the requirement placed by the customer. The simple and sober looking chair adds to the professionalism of your work place.
Office Chairs
Owing to the concept of modular furniture Office Chairs are exclusively designed and popular for their elite designs.. Jiangmen Shengshi Furniture Co., Ltd. takes a special note of the quality of the product delivered to customers. The simple and sober look of these chairs are intentionally provided to suit the office environment. These chairs are water proof and completely free from rust. The metal frames of these chairs are tough and made strong enough to fight nay kind of external conditions. The dimensions of Office Chairs can be customized as per the requirement of the customer.
Public Chair
Widely in use and demand for public areas like stations, Offices, hospitals, etc Public Chairs are experiencing a drastic rise in their demand. The company focuses in delivering the best quality to its customers. The chairs are made up of high graded metals ; majorly stainless steel. The property of stainless steel makes the end product very strong and makes it durable. The chair can accommodate three to four people easily. Manufactured with the aim of enduring maximum weight, the chair is reliable to bear heavy loads and have a modern design. Public Chairs are counted a new member of modular furniture.
Sectional Sofa
Sectional Sofa manufactured by the company is more spacious and can accommodate more number of people unlike standard sofa's The sofa is is very comfortable and have soft and bouncy foam which comes back to original shape and size post usage.
Hotel Trolley
Jiangmen Shengshi Furniture Co., Ltd. manufactured fine grade of Hotel Trolley which are demanded from hotel industry. The product is made up of strong stainless steel which provides durability to product for along period of time.
Stainless Steel Barrel
Having the commendable storage capacity, Stainless Steel Barrel is ideal to en store large quantity of eatables and beverages. The product is highly demanded in food industries. It is made up of pure stainless steel.
Waiting Chair Accessories
Waiting Chair Accessories are of big help in mending the old chairs. The accessories are made up of stainless steel and are quiet tough and strong to support the end products.
Display Rack
Display Racks made up of stainless steel are widely used in hotels, showrooms, bedrooms and in areas of showcasing the items. The product consists of poles and clamps which makes a base or hanger to hang other product.